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Forest Surgery Center Total Joint Replacement Program

Pelvic Bone DrawingThe Forest Surgery Center Joint Replacement Program was developed to ensure each patient has an excellent experience and achieves superior outcomes. The Express Track is an innovative option that offers you all of the high-quality care of the Forest Surgery Center Joint Replacement coupled with a shortened Surgery Center stay. This prepares you to leave the Surgery Center the day after your surgery and continue your recovery in the comfort of your own home with the assistance of an expert team of home care providers.

Express Track Options Include

  • Up and moving with therapy sessions the day of surgery.
  • Home visit to ensure your home is ready for recovery.
  • Nurses and therapist trained to meet the unique needs of joint replacement patients

The success of the Express Track option is achieved through preoperative preparation with a focus on education and pre-surgery exercises and a minimal ASC stay.

Why Total Joint Replacement

Although a traditional inpatient hip or knee replacement can be beneficial for some patients, many physicians are recommending the outpatient procedure for the right candidates.

The main benefits of an inpatient hip or knee replacement include:

  • Faster Recovery & Lessened Risk of Infection Studies show that patients tend to recover from surgery more quickly and in addition, are less of at-risk of hospital-acquired infection.
  • Lowered Medical Cost
  • Especially for those whose insurance won’t cover the full cost of a joint replacement, an outpatient center is significantly less expensive than an overnight hospital stay.
  • Shorter Stay at the Medical Center
  • With the outpatient procedure, patients will be able to make the recovery in the comfort of their own home.


  1. Less Pain.
    • You won’t need a pain pump for self- administered medications or Intravenous pain medications with outpatient surgery.
    • Instead, you’ll get a supplemental nerve block. A long-lasting local anesthetic that will help control your pain for up to two days afterward.
  2. Fewer transfusions
    • Patients are less likely to need blood transfusions because of better surgical technique, better patient optimization, and the use of Tranexamic acid transfusions
  3. Lower infection risk
    • Spending less time in the hospital lowers the chances of infection in your surgery site.
  4. Better Recovery at home
    • You get the same surgical benefits of the joint replacement and the additional benefits of being able to recover in the comfort of your own home.
  5. Faster, more aggressive physical therapy
    • A physical therapist begins working with you the day of surgery or within a day of you returning home. He or she will help you exercise to regain full function in the joint.

Additional Cutting-Edge Care

Our center was developed by hospital and clinical personnel to offer safe, and high-quality surgical care. Experienced professional registered nurses, technicians and physicians, supplied with the latest technology and equipment, strive to ensure each patient’s successful recovery.